Have you got any questions?  Hopefully we’ll answer them all here.  If not, please contact us and we’ll answer you personally. 

How do I set up an account?
Please fill in the registration form online Account Registration and submit your account request. We will process this within 2 days and inform you of your credit limit or whether you have Pro Forma status.

Why am I paying on a Pro Forma basis?
We can only offer credit terms when an account has been approved by our third party credit agency. Until then, payment in advance of dispatch of orders will be necessary. Terms may be applied for again in the future.

Can I pay by credit / debit card?
We only accept bank transfers and online payments direct to our bank account as well as payments via PayPal.

What is the minimum order value?
Our minimum order value is £100 and you will receive your order carriage paid.

Is VAT included?
VAT is additional to any trade prices you see listed here. The ‘RRP’ prices you see do include VAT.

How do I qualify for free delivery?
Carriage is free on orders over £100.

Can you help me with display solutions?
Please click on this link to view the display solutions we offer: Display Package Options

How long will delivery take?
Delivery takes approx. 2 working days from receipt of order for account customers, and receipt of payment for Pro Forma Customers.

What if my order doesn’t arrive?
Please inform us immediately so we can track the order via the courier and help locate it.

Can I cancel my order?
If you contact the office before the order is dispatched we can stop the delivery and cancel the order. If the order has been dispatched then we are unfortunately unable to cancel the order.